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 Caddie Program

Inverness' caddie program dates back nearly to the Club’s inception in the early 1900s. More than eight decades have passed since the 1920 Inverness yearbook set forth many of the “caddie” rules that remain in effect today. The yearbook included an honorary member listing for Charles Evans, Jr., who later became the “patron saint of the caddies,” and in whose name the Evans Scholarship program is named. The book listed caddie fees of eighty cents for eighteen holes, forty cents for nine holes, and thirty cents per hour for chasing practice balls. Caddies registered daily with the caddie master and were sent out in turn. Members signed tickets and did not compensate the caddies, who were instead paid weekly.

Little has changed with the caddie program except for the advent of the motorized golf cart. At Inverness, use of carts is permitted only under limited circumstances, and caddies remain very much a part of the daily golf experience. Members, who normally tip the caddies, in addition to their eighteen-hole fee, also pay into a caddie incentive fund. The fund is used for bonuses and a banquet at year-end. In addition, members help to perpetuate a scholarship fund established for Inverness caddies only. The fund was started with a $10,000 donation from an anonymous member of the Club.


 If you are interested in becoming a caddie this summer please contact the Golf Shop

*Caddie applications are available in the Golf Shop after April 15th.  Please apply in person.*