Guest Information


Welcome to the historic Inverness Club! Inverness established its reputation, not to mention its place in American golf lore, beginning with the 1920 United States Open. At that event, Inverness members ushered in a new era by being the first private golf club to open their clubhouse doors to tournament participants. Since our inception, the club and its members have extended this hospitality to tens of thousands of guests. Whether you are attending a major championship at Inverness, a wedding or joining a member for a round of golf, we hope you enjoy our Midwest hospitality and treasured amenities.

Information that will help you better enjoy your time at Inverness Club:

Clubhouse Phone Number: (419) 578-9000

Golf Shop Phone Number: (419) 535-9756

Golf Bag Drop
Upon arrival, guests should drive directly toward the golf course, follow directions, turning right at the retainer wall, toward the Golf Shop. There will be an attendant on duty who will take your golf bags and assist you.  Upon departure, golf bags will be picked up in the same area.

On occasion, you may not have clubs in your possession.  Please let us know, and we will be happy to provide you a set of our rental clubs for a nominal fee.  We have invested in quality, name-brand clubs to serve your needs.

Changing Shoes
Shoes should not to be changed in the parking lot. Please come to the Men’s or Women’s Locker Room where our locker room attendants will be happy to show you to your locker, get you a beverage and show you our facilities.

Softspikes Required
Everyone who plays at Inverness Club must wear non-metal or spikeless golf shoes.  To accommodate guest who do not have them, Softspikes will be installed in the locker rooms at no charge.

Cellular Phone Etiquette
The use of a cell phone is prohibited anywhere in the Clubhouse and on the Club property, except for the following silent or vibrate use:

Tasteful casual wear is permitted in the Club dining room at both lunch and dinner. Bathing attire is not permitted in any area of the Clubhouse, grounds, or the 10th tee snack bar, except the locker rooms, pool area, pool snack bar or pool bathhouse.

Casual attire at Inverness Club is defined as “tasteful country club casual wear.” Bermuda shorts, which are defined as 1″- 2″ above the knee and walking shorts are allowed. Skirts and dresses should properly cover your legs. Dress jeans, with no holes, are permitted in the Pub, Family Room, Patio, and Byron Nelson Room. Gentlemen should remove hats inside the Club and under the covered Patio. Men’s shirts must always be collared and tucked in. Golfing attire is permissible in the Pub, Family Room, Patio, and Byron Nelson Room. The Club reserves the right to amend the dress code for events, changes will be communicated. Not allowed are: cutoffs, or athletic shorts, crew neck shirts, fishnet shirts, jeans or pants with holes, cropped tops, and t-shirts are inappropriate.

Golf Carts
Inverness Club is a walking course. Golf carts are available to members and their guests over 60 years of age, or to those who are physically unable to walk our course.  Those members under 60 may use golf carts only if caddies are not available.

Pace of Play
Even though our course is more difficult than most, slow play is frowned upon.  Please be prepared to play in 4 hours or less.  Play Assistants will monitor the pace of play and assist members and guests throughout the round, as needed.

To improve your pace of play, please be prepared to play at all times. Always carry an extra ball. Be ready to hit when it is your turn and feel free to play ready golf. Play from the tee box that fits your skill level. If uncertain of club selection, please take two or three clubs with you to the ball.

Guest Houses
Check-in is at 4:00 p.m. in the lobby of the Clubhouse. A personal escort will walk you to your guest house and give you a tour of the facility. Check-out is 11:00 a.m.  Early/late check-in and check-out will be accommodated by special request, whenever possible.

A cancellation fee may be applied to cancellations made within 30 days of the reserved date.

Thank you for visiting Inverness Club. If there is anything we can do to make your visit memorable and more comfortable, do not hesitate to contact us.